Portrait: Olivier Grémillon

Guilhem Chéron

Olivier is the France, Belgium and Morocco Country Manager at Airbnb. A crazy job when you are in charge of cities such a Paris, Nice, Brussels or Casablanca in a tourism-related company!

Airbnb is indeed probably the most famous startup nowadays around collaborative economy. The briliant idea of the two Co-founders was to transform homes into hotel to live like a “local”. A perfect service for Collaborative Cities. Our team never spent one night in a traditional hotel as we had the chance to be sponsored by Airbnb. We met with local hosts and shared great experiences in cities such as Detroit, Berlin or London.

Olivier can be proud of the France business unit with more than 300.000 nights booked last summer in the country. He talks about “a new travel experience” with still a “huge potential” and plenty of things to do. We have still a question here for Olivier: what are the most popular, Parisian host or a Californian one?